1.Name (Last Name / First Name/ Middle Name)
Please enter your full name in order of last, first, and middle if applicable. (Ex. Smith, James Henry)

2.Name (Japanese characters only)
If you have a Japanese name please enter your characters (kanji). 

3.Name (Katakana)
If you are able to write your name in Japanese katakana, please enter the characters. 

4.E-mail Address
5.E-mail Address (Confirm)
6.Qualification for Admission
7.Please select your desired language for classes (Japanese/English)
9.How did you learn about Shizenkan? (multiple answers possible)
10. If you have any additional information you would like Shizenkan to know about you, please write below.
11.Application Form [Form A] (PDF or Word document)
12. CV/Personal Resume
Free format, 1-3 sheets of A4 paper

13. Essay [Form B] (PDF or Word document)
14. Copy of Receipt of the Application Fee [Form D] (PDF or Word Document)
15. For applicants sponsored by their company only, please attach the Certificate of Company Sponsorship [Form E] (PDF or Word document)
16. Copy of Passport (non-Japanese applicants only)
17-1. Copy of Residence Card (front side) (non-Japanese applicants residing in Japan only)
17-2. Copy of Residence Card (back side) (non-Japanese applicants residing in Japan only)
※ For the following documents, please mail the originals to the university.
    2 Recommendation Letters can also be submitted in digital form (PDF format with password and electronic signature.)
  • Graduation Certificate or Copy of Diploma/Degree
  • Academic Transcripts
  • 2 Recommendation Letters【Form C】